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Freight Shipping FAQ

Freight Shipping FAQ

The Most Common Shipping Questions & Answers

Please find the essential Questions & Answers below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Our team members are hear to help you.

Air Shipping FAQ

What is ETT?

ETT stands for Estimated Transit Time. The delivery time though is not guaranteed, so the ETT is for informational purposes only.

What is MOQ?

The MOQ is forty five kilograms. The reason for this is because when it comes to air shipping, the minimum weight you’ll be charged for is forty five kilograms. If you just want to ship a lighter package, we can make arrangements with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL to help you save money.

When it comes to the rate class, it’s +45 kilograms, +100 kilograms,+500 kilograms. However, if the package weighs less than two hundred kilograms, we recommend you opt for the express door to door service.

What is Chargeable Weight?

The rate for air cargo shipping is calculated by the chargeable weight. In this case, the measurement unit is the Kg. For cargo, the measurement unit is point one kilograms. The chargeable weight is the higher value between dimensional weight and gross weight.

For instance, if the weight is less than twenty one kilograms, then this means that the minimum chargeable unit is point five kilograms. If the weight is greater than twenty one kilograms, then the minimum chargeable weight is one kilogram.

Freight & Cargo Procedure:

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