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Shipping from Vietnam to USA, UK and Europe

Shipping from Vietnam to USA, UK and Europe

shipping from Vietnam to the rest of the world

Shipping from Vietnam to US, UK, EU and the rest of the world depends on a wide range of circumstances but at the end when it comes to choosing the right shipping method and company, it’s all up to the clients.

Freight & Cargo is a premier international Air and ocean freight , consolidation, forwarding and total logistic services provider with value added services. Our services are geared to enhance your business by delivering satisfaction through world class infrastructure and systems. Our world expands the business boundaries of logistics, global cargo movement, commodities.

We are totally dedicated to providing clients and overseas partners with one of the most competitive and committed services possible.

Since its inception, the Freight & Cargo company has strived to ensure that our pricing is the most competitive while at the same time keeping sure that at no time is quality of service compromised. Close links to carriers has allowed us to obtain rates and services of the highest quality from almost every airline operating into and out of any Vietnamese port such as Ho Chi Minh & Haiphong.

The Best Shipping options from Vietnam?

The services for getting your cargo or packages shipped from Vietnam ports are:

  1. Ocean/Sea Freight FCL
  2. Ocean/Sea Freight LCL
  3. Air Freight
  4. Air Freight Costs per KG
  5. Express Shipping
Vietnamese Provinces Map


F&C is dedicated to helping its customers save money, increase efficiency, but also gain more control over their supply chain. If you plan on shipping goods from any Vietnamese port, please request your free shipping quote here and we’ll be more than happy to find the right logistics quote and pricing for you.

Freight & Cargo Procedure:

  1. Request a Quote and Book Online
  2. Pay and we ship your freight or cargo

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